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One of the most valuable lessons children can learn is to help others
who are less fortunate than they are. Unfortunately, it is not a
lesson that most children have the opportunity to learn. Nor is it a
simple task to endow them with an appreciation for the connections
they can have with other children half a world away. Perhaps
surprisingly, then, much of the success of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund
is due to the efforts of American schoolchildren. Impressed with the
work done in Madagascar and touched by the needs of Malagasy children,
several schools have sponsored fundraisers to benefit MAF. Through these projects, the school children 
have learned that they have it in their power to help other children tangibly and directly, even those on the 
other side of the planet. 


Help build a school in Madagascar! SUGGESTIONS FOR FUNDRAISERS

Several schools have already held fundraisers to benefit the 
Madagascar Ank캹 Fund. These fundraisers have often been simple and fun for the children who organized them, but each has contributed greatly to the mission of MAF. One of the most successful was developed by the Laurel Hill School in East Setauket, NY. Students there held a month-long Read-A-Bookathon, asking sponsors to help them raise money to assist the children in Madagascar. Each sponsor contributed a certain amount of money for each book read. Teachers participated by helping to organize the project and determine the length of the book appropriate for each grade level. Other fundraisers have also been successful. Dogwood Elementary School in Smithtown, NY held a fashion show and West Hills Montessori School in Huntington Station, NY sold dinosaur T-shirts and other paraphernalia. There are many different ways in which you can help. Hold a bake sale. Have a walk-a-thon. Hold a car-wash. Sell candy. Be creative! 


Dogwood Elementary School, Smithtown, NY- 1998,1999,2000
Laurel Hill School, East Setauket, NY -2000
West Hills Montessori School, Huntington Station, NY-1999
Joseph A. Edgar School, Rocky Point, NY -2000,2001,2002
Bennett Woods School, Okemos, MI -2001
City School, Grand Blanc, MI -2001
Cedarmere Elementary School, Reisterstown, MD.-2001
Crofton Meadows Elementary School, Crofton, MD -2001
Dalton Elementary School, Aurora, CO - 2001
Girl Scouts of Michigan Trails Troop 01649,Greenville,MI-2001
Iles Gifted Magnet School, Springfield, IL - 2001
Hauppauge Middle School, Hauppauge, NY -2001
Kearns Primary School, Granby, CT - 2001
Madison Avenue School, Irvington, NJ - 2001
Main Street Elementary School, Setauket, NY - 2000
Manhattan New School (PS 290), New York, NY - 2001,2002
McGinn Elementary School, Scotch Plains, New Jersey - 2001
MSAD 39, Sumner, ME - 2001
Robert Kerr Elementary School, Durand, MI - 2001
Santapogue Elementary School, West Babylon, NY - 2001
Smithtown Middle School, Smithtown, NY - 2001
Thoreau Elementary School, Concord, MA - 2001
Trinity Elementary School, Trinity, NC -2001
Walter French Academy, Lansing, MI - 2001
West Babylon School, West Babylon, NY - 2001
West Middle School, Rochester Hills, MI - 2001
Windward School, White Plains, NY - 2001
Wm.Sidney Mount Elementary School, Stony Brook, NY- 2001

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